A classroom where you can enjoy Japanese fabric ... How to guide
It is the introduction page of the classroom where you enjoy Japanese cloth.

The technique of "Handmade Yuyushin Kobo" is a method similar to paper craft, so it is possible to manufacture it for anyone. The work published on this website can be created for you as well. And, if you have your own end cloth, you can enjoy your own goods in the world. In an era where sustainable (reproduction and persistence) is required, why don't you participate in a classroom where you can make goodies for your surroundings by making use of the wonderful Japanese tradition "Wafu"?

The style of the classroom was considered a casual style.
(1) If participants gather, it will be held (1 person or more to a small number of people)
(2) If you participate once, you will be able to make one work.
(3) We have prepared 10 kinds of works for the time being (5 intermediate for beginners)
The cost is only "Lunch fee (meeting hall fee)" "Training materials expense"
(5) Plenty of time 12:00~16:00 α (spare 60 minutes)

 2019 Guidance of the classroom

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 How to apply for a classroom